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  • Mehran Interior Exterior Specification Brochure

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    Solid White *Silky Silver *Graphite Gray *Smoke Green *Eminent Blue *Pearl Red
    * Metallic Color
  • Price Including Sales Tax w.e.f. March 01, 2018
    Mehran VX ImmobilizerRs. 709,000/- *
    Mehran VX CNGRs. 749,000/- *
    Mehran VXR ImmobilizerRs. 762,000/- *
    Mehran VXR CNGRs. 802,000/- *
    Note : * Add Rs. 5000/- for the Metallic Color
    1- Counting for Delivery Period will start from the date of receipt of full payment at Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd.
    2- Above prices are subject to change without notice and price prevailing at the time of delivery of the vehicle, will apply.
    3- Please book your order after confirming current price and delivery period.