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Customer Care

Customer Care

Pak Suzuki provides after sales service to the satisfaction of our valued customer(s) with fully equipped workshops having well trained service staff at Country wide Showrooms and Dealers network.

Pak Suzuki's Widest Dealership Network are equipped with state of the art Latest Technology, Tools & Equipments and Technical manpower to handle conventional and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system.

CNG Cylinder Testing facilitation service through Hydro Carbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP).

Customer Relation Center operating 24/7 for the guidance / queries / complaints of the customers.

For the better fuel efficiency & reduce emission of harmful gases, RPM is adjusted with the help of RPM meter.

To Quickly diagnose worn piston ring, burnt valve and bad head gasket, Timely corrective actions gives high performance engine.

Optimum oil circulation is necessary for maintaining health of the engine. For this oil pressure is checked through oil pressure gauge.

Multi Circuit Tester evaluate electrical accessories performance, & used for diagnosis of any electric circuit or electrical component malfunctioning.

Pak Suzuki offers Warranty for Suzuki Motorcycle for Six months and 6000 km whichever comes first.


Motorcycle warranty period is six months from date of purchase or on completion of 6000 km whichever comes first.

Warranty shall not be applicable in following case / exception

Normal maintenance operations such as Engine tune-up, De-Carbonizing, Carburetor cleaning, wheels,Brakes and Clutch adjustments as well as any other normal adjustment.

  • Normal service wear and tear item i.e. Brake Shoes, Shims / Fasteners / Washers, Gaskets and all rubber parts, plastic components,cables and electrical items, Drive Chain, Sprocket, Clutch & Friction Plates, Race Bearing and Element Air Cleaner.

  • If recommended Engine Oil / lubricants are not used or if they are not replaced at the recommended intervals.

  • Use of non- genuine parts or accessories. o Motorcycle was not repaired / maintained by Pak Suzuki Showroom / Authorized dealership as per service schedule (described in owner`s manual). If any of the free or paid service is not done as per schedule the warranty tends to stand void.

  • Parts of the vehicle have been subjected to miss-use, accident, and negligent treatment. o Parts of the motorcycle getting rusted or their plating or painting coming off due to atmospheric condition like sea breeze and Industrial pollutions.

  • Motorcycle was used for any competition i.e. rallies or in races, or used for any commercial purpose. Pak Suzuki undertakes no liability in the matter of any consequential loss or damage caused due to failure of the parts.

  • Parts repaired or replaced under this warranty are warranted only for the original warranty period of Suzuki motorcycles.

  • Consumables like Engine Oil and Grease used for the warranty repair are not covered under the application of the warranty.

  • The company is not liable for any delay in repairing due to reason(s) beyond the control of the company or any of its authorized Showroom / dealers. Warranty Repair Provisions

  • This warranty applies to the repair or replacement of defective part(s) only.

  • Any part replaced under warranty, become the property of Pak Suzuki. The repair or replacement of defective part under warranty must be made by the Pak Suzuki Showroom / Authorized dealership only.

  • Suzuki Genuine Part(s) should be used to replace any defective part(s) under warranty.

  • When a part needs to be replaced, the defective subassembly part(s) as shown in parts catalogue would be used.

First Free Service is due within 1000 Kms or 1 Month (which ever comes first), The First Free Service includes items as recommended in periodic maintenance schedule.

The Second Free Service is due within 2000 Kms or 2 Month (which ever comes first).

The Second Free Service includes items as recommended in periodic maintenance schedule.