It’s a huge topic to discover and elaborate but here we are providing some useful tips that will enhance your knowledge and guide you before engaging in buying of the used cars from any source.

  • Do the market survey before engaging in the buying activity; try to find out resale values of each and every model, version, make and color of the vehicle of your choice.
  • Year of manufacture and year of registration of the used cars.
  • Make sure the auto manufacturer is offering you the certification and warranty & not the local unauthorized dealer of your city or area with no certification / verification of the vehicle.
  • Check the Odometer for mileage of the used vehicle, tempering in the odometer might be a possibility.
  • Self inspection of the Engine room, tires, battery, paint and wear and tear.
  • Check the conditions of the electrical components such as Hind Lights, reverse lights, dippers, parking lights, & cabin lights & their working.
  • Warranty Booklet & certificate of auto manufacturer
  • Warranty terms & conditions.
  • Road tax clearance and all legal issues.
  • Nice & long test drive to inspect shocks, brakes, suspension and other important component.
  • Authentication and verification of seller’s bonafide and transfer of ownership in your own name.